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There are many reasons women prefer wearing hijab — it is prescribed by the faith, a symbol of the faith recognition, mark of modesty, and all of the reasons. With Muslim women becoming active in the community in different spheres like service, work, and education, hijab has also evolved with time. Women now seek hijab clothing solutions that are modest as well as fashionable and stylish.

It doesn’t matter whether you are Muslim or not, choose to wear it all the time or only during the prayer, as a fashion accessory, mark of modesty, or cool cultural accent, Modest Forever will have stylish scarfs that fit your needs.

Are you tired of looking for headscarves, wraps, and hijabs that can match your long skirts? Are you annoyed to finding the pieces of clothing under the hijab that will cover adequately?

Modest Forever is here with constant support. It is not easy to find Islamic hijab online that is comfortable, cute, and well-coordinated to your sense of style. When you assemble a coordinated hijab scarf and modest tunic, you will ask for a significant amount of time investment, something you cannot afford on a busy day.

Modest Forever is a trusted brand in the online fashion market for Islamic wear since the year 2002. We are one of the first few hijab stores online that have introduced a variety of hijabs that can catch all your styling options.

With the hard work we have put in, we have successfully become a leading brand. Check out our elaborate selection of casual hijabs, formal hijabs, party wear hijabs, embroidered hijabs, lace hijabs, printed hijabs, hijab caps, jersey hijabs, crinkled hijabs, and so much more. From rectangle hijabs to square hijabs, you will have all at our one-stop destination, Modest Forever.

If you want to create a coordinated ensemble, you will find matching pieces of clothing at our store. The designs of our hijab scarves include light fabrics, bigger size, without bulk, and breathability. They are dyed and custom designed in order to provide an effortless ensemble.

Modest Forever also features trendy abayas like Lace Abayas, Coat Style Abayas, Denim Abayas, Dubai Style Abayas, Formal Abayas, Casual Abayas, and Maxi Dresses. If you are looking for a single-stop destination to come up with a coordinated, modest look, you will have it at Modest Forever.

The hijabs we sell are carefully crafted with high-quality fabrics to provide you with breathability, comfort, softness, and durability. We have clothing options for all kinds of occasions. If you want to go for a casual get-together or a formal event, you will find anything and everything at our online store. Modest Forever has the right options that will give your outfit the extra bit of oomph you deserve.

Know more about Hijab

When we talk about hijab, two things need to be kept in mind. People usually misunderstand what the word hijab stands for, and we are going to get rid of this misunderstanding today.

The word ‘hijab’ stands for a clothing item as well as a concept. The literal meaning of the word in Arabic is a cover or curtain. When applied in real life, the meaning stands for the practice of head covering or veiling.

The word also signified a headscarf or actual garment, worn by the Muslim women. It has a religious sentiment, where it a mark of devotion and modesty to the faith. It is also an identity symbol for Muslim women.

When we talk about the concept, the word refers to the veil, where the idea is morality, privacy, and modesty as mentioned in the Islamic texts. When Islam talks about modesty through ‘hijab,’ it is a concept that can be applied to men and women both.

Therefore, both the genders need to dress modestly, as well as ‘lower their gaze,’ i.e. to not stare at another person out of interest purely. When hijab refers to the item of clothing, it is the headscarf or veil that women wear in the Muslim world.

Head covering isn’t a new concept to Muslims or in Islam. Jewish and Christian women in certain traditions were also expected to cover their heads with a headscarf for showing their commitment of piety or modesty or as a cultural practice. Hijab isn’t just for women.

Many men in Islam are expected to dress modestly and wear a hat, keeping the concept of hijab alive. Few women choose to adopt this lifestyle and cover their heads while others might not. But most of the Muslim women comply with the idea that it is the choice of the women to wear or not wear a hijab.

What is the History of Hijab?

Throughout history, hijab dress for women have transformed magically. Veiling started around 13 BS in Assyria, which was associated with the idea of “respectable” women. In the ancient Greco-Roman, Byzantine, and pre-Islamic Iranian societies, women practiced veiling.

Around the 16th century, the veil became more like a social status for Muslims. The 19th century was the revolutionary time when Muslims embraced the idea of hijab as an Islamic and cultural practice, which eventually brought it into mainstream fashion.

Types of Hijab You Can Find Today

Hijab — The common scarf hijab is the simplest kind of hijab. It has a square scarf that is worn like a hijab head wrap or hijab scarf. Muslim women, who live in Western countries, wear this form of hijab mostly.

Shayla — It is a rectangular-shaped hijab shawl that can be draped all around the head and pinned very artfully, drawing focus to the face.

Turban — The rectangular hijab scarf is draped around the women’s head leaving the face and neck clear.

Khimar — It is a historical cape that looks like a headscarf but hangs towards the back.

Other forms of hijab cover more portions of the body, such as Niqab for face covering, Burqa for cloaking the full body, and chador for keeping the face clear and covering the whole body.

In case of any question or query, chat with us. We want to hear from you and have your feedback. Have a great time shopping!

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