JEE Preparation tips & interview with an IIT Kharagpur Alumni — Kapil Singh Dhaka

This interview aims to guide JEE aspirants preparing for JEE 2021 and later. We’ll cover how one should prepare for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) effectively.

Also, with Mr. Kapil we’ll try to share his journey as a successful IIT & IIM graduate along with his valuable perspective about effective and result driven JEE preparation.

This article will give you a glimpse of journey that starts with an effective preparation for JEE and keeps following the lane to success.

About Mr. Kapil Singh Dhaka

Mr. Kapil Singh Dhaka is one of the best and gloriously experienced mentors working to help students realize their true potential. He’s part of founding team at Matrix and has helped many students reach the epitome of success.

He being an excellent scholar throughout his academic journey and right now passionate to help students in excelling all kind of competitive exams like JEE, NTSE, IJSO etc.

Qualification & Achievements

AIEEE 2004 -AIR 48 (Gen. Cate.)

CAT 2009 -99.96 (Overall)

IIM Ahmedabad -Rank — 1 in MBA Program

CFA charter holder, CFA institute, USA

How did the ambition to join an IIT came to you? and what is the most important thing that is needed to crack JEE?

I knew that to guide others I first need to prove myself and that was the true motivating factor for me. As I observe these days students are really confused even after deciding their aim to crack JEE.

I believe every student holds their strong potential and no one is more intelligent or less capable. You must’ve heard “hard work beats talent” and I truly believe in this statement. Every JEE aspirant in this country must work hard on their aim to crack JEE, your hard work will definitely pay you.

JEE is not a difficult exam, the exam is designed to test your true subject knowledge. The reason behind not succeeding in JEE is the lack of persistence, every JEE aspirant needs discipline and devotion to reach the ultimate success.

You first need to accept that the JEE exam is not a 2 week or one month journey, it is a year long or 2-year long journey and it strictly needs your time every day with equal devotion and discipline.

You must make a success mindset first which will focus on your “end goal” which is JEE success and will motivate you to work on your goal every day.

What are the top 4 tips that you believe in JEE preparation and will suggest to JEE aspirants?

1. Your Devotion is everything:

We know you’re about to juggle the vast JEE syllabus with your School curriculum which is not an easy task, but you must accept that it is a process which will bring you success if you follow with discipline.

2. Prepare your Plan:

#2 Prepare a Long-term & Short-term Strategies:

The word “strategy” may sound complicated, but it is simple:

Long-Term Strategy: This is basically your long-term goal which carries a group of targets for you to complete all topics for every subject and most primarily should leave you time for a proper and complete revision.

Short-term strategy: As your long-term goals (Long term strategy) is ready, now it’s time to make short-term strategies to support your long-term goals. Short term goals are like, you are planning to finish 4 topics by the end of the week and will keep 1 day for revision of this week.

3. Prepare a time-table:

4. Find people with similar ambitions:

5. Don’t forget your life in the process:

Play with your friends and exercise daily, this will positively contribute to your JEE preparation and success. Give some time to your favourite hobby, this will help you in refreshing your senses and mood.

What made you start Matrix JEE academy and how is it different from other Institutions?

But as I shared earlier, you must stay with your goal and my primary goal was to guide and empower thousands of students across India with their ambitions and goals.

Matrix JEE Academy is started on the same foundation and belief. I wanted to start this initiative from my own home town that is Sikar. Advanced, Affordable and Best quality education is something that we strive for.

At Matrix we are super focused on JEE (Main & Advanced) preparation and guiding students to the path of success. Exclusive focus on JEE ensures the best possible teaching outcome for our students.

The faculty team of MATRIX is an unmatched intellectual pool of mentors for IIT-JEE who have an outstanding combination of proven record, experience and qualification.

At Matrix, we provide a three-layered preparatory schedule to our students to ensure that they excel in JEE advanced while doing equally good in JEE main and board examinations. Online tests have many advantages over offline paper-based tests.

You can choose any topics of your choice and take a test to check your preparation level. And most importantly, Matrix is managed by graduates from top IITs and IIMs.

Their experience and expertise in academic management has ensured that MATRIX students reach newer heights every passing year. Over the years of our existence, we have produced outstanding results in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

What success milestone has Matrix Achieved in JEE 2020 selections?

Every Matrician is special and I’m proud of that every Matrician who is working hard towards their goals and dreams and I believe that everyone student will touch the heights of immense success sooner or later.

Lastly, I want to share that one must learn to carry 3 keys that can open every door to success be it JEE, your dream IIT institution or other, and those 3 keys are devotion, persistence and patience.

In 2019, you started Matrix High School, why did you feel the need to do so.

I purely believe that nurturing young minds at an early age can lead to great professional growth in later years for these individuals. If cracking exams like JEE, NEET, NTSE is your future goal, then why not to start preparing for it at your early academic stages?

Majority of the students start their preparation for their goals from class 10th or 11th and struggle to sync with the vast syllabus of these high-end competitive exams, what if you start preparing for these from class 6th or 7th? won’t you be already 4 to 5 years ahead of the competition?

These questions made me bring Matrix High School to life. We’re doing everything different with MHS like our faculty team is top notch experienced individuals equipped with thorough knowledge of early academics and also for the competitive exams like JEE and NEET etc.

Our Compulsory Pre-foundation program is what makes us truly revolutionary and aims to prepare students for target exams from class 7th onwards. We’re strongly focusing on technological advancements as we believe that “if your aim to succeed is strong, then matrix is always with you till your reach success” and we’re supporting this statement with our advanced teaching methodology and exclusive Online and Video Lab.

MHS promises best in class digital learning aid to students to ensure that no student is left behind.

I must share that; we’re devoted to a student’s success and overall growth. Matrix High School is not just to teach but to nurture the young potential minds and we’re accomplishing this by supporting them in their efforts through best-in-class academic programs, qualified faculties and an efficient management system which is conducive to their growth and success.

As you know JEE Main 2021 is almost here and will be occurring in multiple phases this year. Can you suggest a plan to Divide the JEE Main Syllabus for 60 Days?

Everyone knows their quality of preparation. Sitting with the syllabus this vast on 11th hour is strictly not recommended but I believe there are still some students left who are unable to prepare for JEE Main 2021 because of some genuine reason.

Success in JEE Main can still be achieved if your will to do so is strong enough. If you plan a fool-proof strategy for your preparation in 60 days and religiously follow it, there are chances that you can crack JEE Main 2021.

I would suggest an article to read if you’re determined enough to complete and revise JEE Main 2021 syllabus in a strict time-frame of 60 days:

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