How to choose your tour operator in India

Which one is the best Tour operator of India?

I always want to explore the world with my friends! I love to travel, the journey that never ends.

I like to meet new people and connect with them. I never miss a chance whenever I get a small chance to explore the new places.

Traveling for the first time may be hatchling for few of us, but if you choose the right path, then it will be the best thing you did in your earlier life.

Even, my first tour was a planned trip with a top Indian tour operator agency in back 2008. I was unaware of the things what I should capture while traveling. But, that planned trip changed me completely and made me travel addicted.

I bet you will get addicted to travel like me. Unplanned trips are always full of joyful moments but going with the best tour operator is much better.

But picking the best tour operator company in India is never an easy task. Trust me, never!

Don’t get tense; I’ll share some of the necessary points that you have to notice first in any tour operator company before making a trip with them.

Research About The Cost:

First, let me tell you one ugly truth about the tour agencies.

It’s not always true that you will get the same services which offered to you in the tour highlights, you may sometimes get overcharged.

But, there are also some good travel companies that purely fulfil their promises and gives you the best value to your every single penny spent with them.

So, doing proper research about the tour cost means you won the half battle of silly troubles.

Don’t hesitate to ask the tour operator the simple looking but must ask questions like how the company will use your hard earned money to provide you the best services?

Is there an additional cost to pay after the arrival or start of the tour? Where are you going to stays during the trip?

Ask every single question that comes to your mind regarding the tour before choosing them as your top-notch India tour operator company.

Safety First:

You must concern about your safety during your trip.

Check whether the company is a registered member of IATO (Indian Association Of Tour Operators) or not?

Whether your tour operator following the security guidelines issued by the Indian government or not?

Whether you are women or men, you must ask the tour operator company about all the security measures they will take on the tour.

Check Reputation:

Check for the reputation from the possible sources like forums, social media channels.

It’s not always true what they show on their website, and it’s crucial to figure out the truth before making a booking with them for a hassle-free tour experience.

Look for the user’s review of the company.

Are that people enjoyed spending their time on the vacations? How are satisfied other users with the services provided by the company?

People often write reviews when they got worst services or the services better than they expected.

Always look for both positive and negative reviews, you will get an imaginary movie clip in front of your eyes that how worst or enjoyable your trip will be with the Indian tour operators agency.

Balanced Tour Schedule:

You are paying to tour operators to make your dream vacation more enjoyable than you expected.

Have a close look at their tour Itinerary that how the tour operator is going to make your journey memorable regarding day to day activities & sightseeing.

Get a free quote from the company with the detailed information about the entire tour.

Don’t go with an India tour agency who has more unbalanced and poorly crafted tour itinerary.

Also, check for the number of co-travelers along with you, I always prefer to go with a small cruise for the best travel experience.

Proper Knowledge of Local Places:

It’s also in must checkpoint whether they have adequate knowledge of local places or have a guide to tell you a single pin detail about every site you visit.

I always prefer to love with tour operators who have walking encyclopedia guides during the tour who can introduce you to the site more profoundly and informative.

Make sure the company have the knowledgeable and local guide who is resident for long term like 10–15 years, know the local language, travel experience.

My Favorite & Recommended Tour Operator:

I have traveled with around hundreds of different tour operators, but I found HTOIndia (Hidden Treasures Of India) as the best India Tour operator company.

They provide what they talk in their Itinerary; I especially loved their in-depth knowledge about India.

They have all the specialties that a top India tour operator required; they always deliver more than expected by us.

I ever had a quality time along with them and one more secret thing that now I only plan my trips with them to explore the hidden gems of India.

HTOIndia uses local guides & transportations, arrange quality hotels & accommodations, don’t rush on their trips, user-friendly, home environment feeling during the journey, and quite inexpensive.

HTOIndia offers top rated India tour packages,

Now, I do not even consider any other tour operator in India. I have also created a blog to give information about travel. Which is called Crazy India Tour. Please check once the time is out. Maybe you get some good information.



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Dharmendra Chahar

Dharmendra Chahar

His love for festivals and culture brought him close to travel.I have also created a blog to give information about travel. Which is called